Thursday, May 5, 2011

What can you make for your cowboy Father?... I have an idea...

   It seems like all the ideas I have for "cute little gifts", turn out to be crafting monstrousities that envelope the half of our teeny tiny apartment that isn't occupied by my husbands theology books. This has been especially true while preparing gifts for this Mother's Day. Well my plans to get them shipped off in a timely manner have obviously failed seeing that I have just only finished them and it is 9:00 on the Thursday night before MOTHERS DAY! Ok, I'm done venting.....

   While I can't share pictures of these amazing Mother's Day projects, (I would like my Momma and Mother-in-law to see them in person before they hit the blog) I have a couple of little projects that have been finished, shipped to their recipients and are ready to be shared!

    My Daddy's birthday was this month and I used a cute vintage image from  that happened to have "Sinclair" (my maiden name) and.... wait for it.... a HORSE on it as well! I struck gold with the Graphics Fairy once again  AND for anyone who knows my dad, those are two elements that are sure to please!

The finished product: What is it? Well I think it's a pencil holder for the office desk

Daddy's Birthday card

Some of the supplies

The label from The Graphics Fairy

I was always a daddy's girl



  1. Sooooo cute!! :) It's okay, we're procrastinators by nature. Probably won't ever change. At least the people in our lives know what to expect!

  2. More! More! More!